Nebraska's Tool Kit for Systems Involved in the Education of Students in Out-of-Home Care

Tool B-3:  Asking the RIght Questions
School Transition for Students in Out-of-Home Care

Part One: Systems Collaboration
Section B. Asking the Right Questions

young girl wearing backpackThe following is a series of School-to-School Transition Checklists, providing sample discussion points and questions which may be used by anyone who has an education-related interest in assisting a student transitioning back into public school from an Interim-Program School or Special Purpose School. The student may be coming from an emergency shelter, residential treatment program, institution, juvenile detention center or correctional facility. The questions are meant to serve only as a tool to facilitate discussion between the Interim-Program School or Special Purpose School and the receiving public school where the student will be attending. Additional versions of the School-to-School Transition Checklists have been developed for the student and his or her parents, guardian and/or foster parent. The extent to which all or only a portion of the questions are explored will vary based on familiarity with the receiving school and each student’s academic needs and circumstances.

While statutory law, administrative rules and regulations may address some of questions in general terms, it is each school’s policies and procedures that translate into actual practice. Familiarity and discussion with the school as to how its policies, procedures and protocols may relate to a particular child or youth under a specific set of circumstances is recommended as a matter of “best practice” and may greatly assist in advocating for that student and achievement of his or her academic and vocational goals.



Transition Checklist - PUBLIC SCHOOL


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