Nebraska's Tool Kit for Systems Involved in the Education of Students in Out-of-Home Care

Tool A-2:  Acronyms
Alphabet soup made palatable

Date:  December 20, 2013
Original Source:  PTI-Nebraska.
Adapted by:  Nebraska Department of Education’s Committee on Education of Students in Out-of-Home Placements
Additional Contributors:  Nebraska CASA Association; Nebraska Department of Correctional Services; Nebraska Department of Education; Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services; Nebraska Foster Care Review Office; and Nebraska Office of Probation Administration.

male student at computerThe following list of commonly used (and often not understood) abbreviations and acronyms is based on a resource document, “Alphabet Soup Made Palatable”, which was originally developed by PTI-Nebraska to assist the primary systems involved in education of students with disabilities.  This list has been expanded to include abbreviations and acronyms relevant to students involved in the child welfare, juvenile justice and/or criminal justice systems. This is considered a perpetual “work in progress” as new acronyms are added on an ongoing basis.

ACRONYMS - as 12-20-2013

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